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Monday, July 3, 2017

How a philanthropist uses poultry to help families.

How a philanthropist uses poultry to help families. Julius Matendechere, 57, goes about his business inside a bungalow turned a poultry farmhouse with a lot of ease. He is tending to over 5,000 chicks aged between one and three weeks. #poultry The chicks literally occupy all rooms in the four bedroom mansion, including the store, kitchen, dining, washrooms and any other available space. There are 600 lighting points that provide the chicks with warmth and light,and there are 20 charcoal stoves on stand-by. The farmhouse is located at Ishimkoko village in Butere, Kakamega County. Every week, Matendechere stocks 6,000 kienyeji chicks from the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO).#poultry Matendechere, an accountant by profession, has perfected the art of brooding, which involves giving special care and attention to chicks to ensure their healthy survival.He ventured into the business three years ago after leaving a lucrative job as a chief accountant in the government. The desire to give back to the people drove him into poultry farming.#poultry Matendechere, said families in Butere Constituency where he hails from can hardly afford two meals a day, so he thought it wise to embark on brooding and give out the birds to groups for free to help improve the living standards of struggling families, more