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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How Ngirumugenga rose from a 'small' farmer to a millionaire.

How Ngirumugenga rose from a 'small' farmer to a millionaire. Farming is a lucrative venture that ensures good returns on investment if good farming practices are undertaken. That is the testimony of Peter Ngirumugenga, a 38-year-old farmer from Sibagire Cell in Rwamagana District who earns over Rwf 30 million from farming. The father of three has found a fortune in banana farming and piggery. At his farm in Sibagire Cell, the sight of over 700 pigs feeding is a spectacle to behold. With 22 permanent workers and 30 casual labourers Ngirumugenga is determined to make the best out of his farming activities. In 2010, he invested in banana growing, starting with one hectare which used to produce harvest of one tonne of bananas per month. Today, his farm has expanded to 12 hectares, and he gets about 20 tonnes of banana produce per month, earning him Rwf800,000 monthly. Previously, a bunch of bananas at his plantation would weigh about 20 kilogrammes but thanks to good farming practices, he now harvests bunches that weigh as much as 80 kilogrammes. more