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Saturday, April 8, 2017

How to turn cassava peels to poultry feed.

Cassava peels can be processed into animal feed to feed cattle, sheep, goat,pigs,fish ans poultry. The processing of the peels for poultry feed is different as it has to be fine particles for easy digestibility. The cassava peels are processed as follows 1) fresh and clean peels are used. 2)peels are sorted and only small to medium size peels are selected. 3) pour into a grater,grate 3 times. 4) pour in sacs, sack on one another in an hydraulic press to dewater. 5) 24 hours later pour cassava peel cake in flash dryer/ sun dry. 6) grate the dried cake again until fine or grate and leave coarse particle if other animals will be fed from this batch. Cassava root meal(CRM) as a substitute for maize has been explored and the result was an increase in productivity.The effect of replacing maize with graded levels of cassava root meal (CRM) as energy source in the diet of laying hens was evaluated during the eight weeks of feeding experiment on performance and cost benefits on layers.The fresh cassava roots were peeled, washed and grated. The grated cassava mash was poured into a sack and pressed using a hydraulic pressing machine to remove excess water. The dewatered cassava mash was broken into fine granules and was sun dried on black polyethylene sheets, after which it was milled in a hammer mill and packed in bags as cassava root meal (CRM). Forty-five Nera black laying hens of 24 weeks of age were allocated to five dietary treatments, with nine birds per treatment in a completely randomized design. The experiment lasted for 8 weeks and result showed that replacement of maize by CRM up to 50:50 ratios did not significantly affect the hen-day egg production.more