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Friday, April 14, 2017

Biotechnology will aid sustainable agricultural production in Nigeria.

Biotechnology will aid sustainable agricultural production in Nigeria. Benjamin Ubi, the President, Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN), says the adoption of biotechnology will facilitate sustainable agricultural production in the country. The benefits of biotechnology in agriculture cannot be over emphasized as the task of feeding the estimated 9 billion people by 2050 will require innovative strategies and techniques. Biotechnology in animal husbandry and agriculture will boost food production and sustainability. Food security can be achieved on a global scale if production processes are subjected to improved stock using genetically proven animals. The way to harness the advantages in using genetically proven lines include; selective breeding,rearing and cross breeding to develop strains/lines that can produce more in the desired country. The use of biotechnology in food security cannot be overemphasized as the introduction of biotech to food production is of immense benefits. The springing up of biocrops allows farming even in areas where there is much pressure on the land,thus availing the urban farmer an opportunity to participate in food security. Biotechnology making better crops and livestock by careful selection of traits to increase yield,produce disease and pest resistance and drought resistance products. This entails a collection of specific technique to improve plant and animals. Bio technology enhances breeders ability to make improvement in crops and livestock,this is achieved through various techniques used to improve plants and animals. Bio technology use gene modification,genetic improvement and genetic engineering.Crops improved with transferred DNA referred to as genetic improvement have been developed to aid farmers to increase productivity . Biotechnology holds the key to food security with higher yield and better products Genetic modification/genetic improvement/genetic engineering; refers to the process where there is transfer of useful characteristics into plants and animals. This process allows transfer of specific traits to plants or animals to produce improved and better breeds and strains that grow faster,bigger and most importantly resistant to diseases. more

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