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Monday, April 17, 2017

New York opts for birth control bait for rats.

Rodents are one of the least savory sights in America's largest city, spotted scurrying in and out of subway tracks or under the cover of darkness, darting around trash bags dumped on the street for collection. In 2015, the city invested nearly $3 million on rat control after receiving a record 24,000-plus complaints amid alarm bells that the city was losing the rat war. Officials are now preparing to launch a trial of a liquid bait which Arizona-based company SenesTech says makes rats infertile, but is otherwise non-toxic and does not damage the environment. City officials say there is no scientifically accurate way to count the rats of New York. SenesTech says four pairs of breeding adult rats and their progeny can produce up to 15 million rats in one year. New York opts for birth control bait for rats,read