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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to clean your dog's ears.

How to clean your dog's ears. Cleaning your dog’s ears is not as easy as it looks especially if you are a newbie. This is because dog ears are very sensitive spots and dogs tend to either move or get anxious. The use of adequate ear cleaner for dogs is what will save money and endless trips to your vet. Why do we clean dog's ears? basically to keep canal,ear flaps clean dry and parasite free. When dog's ears are moist they predispose to growth of yeast cells which will set off a ear canal infection that is usually itchy,waxy and crusty. Ears are cleaned routinely for ear health but also in cases of infection,allergy, and wound care. Method of cleaning ears; 1) Let the dog sit down or lie with head raised. A gentle restraint will be necessary if dog is new to routine cleaning as dogs can start moving which makes the whole process delicate and so calming the dog before starting anything is very important. 2) Apply the dog ear cleaner using the exact quantity of the product. Pull the dog’s ear flap up and apply the drops then straighten the ear canal and allow the runoff. 3) Massage the ear canal for two minutes using a circular massaging movement will help with breaking down excess ear wax in all areas of the ear, the vertical and horizontal canals, as well as near the ear drum. 4) Release the dog: when proper massage of dog’s ear is complete, the ear wax will dissolve and this is the time for the liquid to flow out. The best solution is to release the dog so head shaking by the dog will allow outflow of cleaner. 5) Use cotton balls to wipe the ear clean :clean the outer ear as well as the vertical canal properly especially if you notice a lot of debris remaining. Common homemade ear cleaners are 1) baby swipes. 2) vinegar and water mixture 3)hydrogen peroxide 4) coconut oil. Learn how to clean your dog's ears;