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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tips to keep your cat happy.

Cat lover these are tips to keep your feline friend happy, There are some great advantages to be gained by keeping your cat confined indoors. These include decreased risk of injury and disease and as a result a significantly longer life expectancy. Not to mention the benefit for wildlife and the appreciation of the non-cat lovers in the community. With a bit of extra effort, these cats can still have a lifestyle that meets their needs. Even cats that spend some time outdoors can benefit from additional opportunities for mental and physical activity in their home environment. This is particularly true for individuals prone to anxiety disorders. The following suggestions allow cats to focus their energies in a healthy, positive way that helps to relieve stress. Cats are individuals so it is important to trial as many of the following as possible so that you can identify the elements that your cat appreciates the most. 1) Toys Cats are very sight sensitive to moving objects, so providing toys with an element of motion. This will help to attract your cat’s interest and enthusiasm for play. These can vary from simple home-made items such as scrunched up pieces of newspaper on the end of a piece of elastic,attached to a stationary object or tied to your belt so they bobble around on the floor behind you as you walk. Various types of toys are also available commercially and these include such things as balls containing bells, cat dancers and various furry items such as mice. Some cats have a genetic predisposition to respond pleasurably to catnip. Toys are available that contain this substance or you might like to grow your own indoor garden and include catnip, catmint or catgrass. Simple items such as table tennis balls or non-toxic soap bubbles can provide avenues for fun interaction. continue