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Friday, February 3, 2017

Social media and suicide trap..

Social media has encouraged and in fact created a platform for many depressed people to end their lives. In a world where majority are self centered,lack empathy and have no emotional intelligence,hatred seems to sell and increase follower ship . People reach out on social media for different reasons and when expectation is cut short,they have no guts to live. This is a sad story of a youth told to commit suicide on social media;A grief-stricken mother from a northern Ontario First Nation is sharing the hate-filled social media messages her 12-year-old daughter received on the day of her death by suicide, in hopes of saving the lives of other girls in her community. "If I'd seen those earlier, if she showed them to me, I think I could have done something, tried to talk to her, not to believe those words," Sandra Fox told CBC News. Fox's daughter, Chantel, died by suicide early in January in Wapekeka First Nation, a few days after her friend, Jolynn Winter, also 12, died by suicide. Several other girls from the community, about 600 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ont., remain on suicide watch and at least one of them has also received messages encouraging her to kill herself. continue