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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Seafood Eaters Ingest 11,000 Plastic Pieces A Year.

According to a new environmental study, every person who eats seafood ingests about 11,000 tiny plastic pieces per year. Today, the sea contains five thousand billion tiny plastic pieces that end up ingested by fish and seafood.The plastic has found a way inside our body because of the way we treat our oceans. The petrol-based ultra resistant material can never really disappear (until a couple of hundred years). Ingested by the marine wildlife, plastic finds its way up the food chain and ends up at our dinner tables. In a way, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the study confirms we eat thousands of tiny plastic pieces. The study from Ghent University in Belgium explains what happens to these tiny plastic pieces: 99% of them are absorbed by our but… 1% doesn’t leave it. What are the consequences? Well, scientists still do not have an answer about this worrying question. But one thing is certain: we eat a lot of plastic and all of it doesn’t come out.continue