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Monday, February 13, 2017

Process cashew nuts and make $1.4billion from cashew exports.

Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of cashew in Africa and the sixth in the world with an output of 160,000 metric tons per year. A production which is expected to reach 500,000 metric tons by 2020. The main export destinations for the crop are Europe, India and the United States. Nigeria’s inability to process cashew nuts in significant quantities for export resulted in the loss of $1.4 billion in 2016. Data from the National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) showed that the country exported a total of 160,000 metic tons of cashew valued at $300 million in 2016. The cashew industry is a massive industry that is waiting to be tapped,processing is where the money is but only a small fraction is processed for export. A ton of processed cashew, is sold for $12,000 while a ton of raw cashew is $1,200. Investment opportunities abound in the cashew processing.which will not only be a source of foreign exchange but also a point of creating jobs at various levels.The higher the quantity of cashew nuts processed,the higher the income/revenue generated. Processing can be on large scale or small scale,but the equipment required for production are the same. These are the necessary equipment: 1)Steam Boiler. 2) Cooking vats. 3)Semi-automated Peeling Machine. 4)Multi-color Cashew Kernel Sorting Machine. 5)Husk Winnowing Machine. 6)Steam Pipeline. 7)Hot oven 8) Hand Operated Cutting Machine. 9)Cashew Peeling Machine. 10) cashew filling machine. 11)Pieces separator. 12) Weighing scale. 13) Sealing Machine.14)plastic, buckets, crates, bowls 14) Generator Set.