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Monday, February 13, 2017

Google adds iconic African landmarks to Street View.

They include the 161-meter-tall African Renaissance bronze monument .It's not all jungles, mud houses and wild animals in Africa: the continent has cities, art centers, monuments and other landmarks, just like everywhere else in the world. To bust myths going around about African countries and to give more people a chance to get to know what they truly look like, Google has tweaked Street View to add iconic landmarks and monuments in Ghana, Senegal and Uganda. One of them is a UNESCO World Heritage village built on top of water, while another is the snazzy-looking National Theatre of Ghana. You can also visit Senegal's 49-meter/161-foot bronze statue called the African Renaissance monument unveiled in the presence of 19 African heads of state back in 2010. There's also Lake Retba in Senegal that's known for its pink waters. If you're a nature person through and through, you can visit all seven national parks Google and the Uganda Wildlife Authority captured on film, as well. The big G used its famous Street View trekker to film the sights and the wildlife. continue