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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Brothers earning millions from cabbage.

Gimogo Mohamubi, 36, Difasi Webisa, 40, and Wambehde Kamilu, 45, who are residents of Kasubi Central in Bardege Division, Gulu Municipality, are commercial farmers growing mostly cabbages. Before they were farmers, the three brothers were businessmen based in Mbale dealing in agricultural produce. They regularly came to Gulu to sell onions, carrots and matooke but due to losses they occasionally encountered they decided to involve themselves directly in commercial farming. They hired one acre of land at Shs 500,000 a year and bought cabbage seeds from an agro-input shop, then prepared seed beds and added manure to the soil. After three weeks, they planted the seeds in the seed bed. When they germinated, they applied pesticides and fertilisers such as NPK. A month later, the seedlings were transplanted to the main garden. It is important to transplant in the evening when it is cooler to avoid the seedlings from being affected by heat from the sun,they ensure the garden is weed free because these compete with the vegetables for soil nutrients. It is also very important to spray the cabbages with pesticides twice a month, because insects damage the cabbages when they eat the leaves. The crops are watered every morning and evenings during dry season because cabbages needs water to grow. Cabbages take about three months from when they are planted in the main garden to harvest. Currently, they earn about Shs12m from the cabbages and harvest twice a year,continue