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Monday, February 6, 2017

3D printing as a resource tool for medical practice in Africa.

3Dprinting as a resource tool for medical practice in Africa will go a long way to improve health care services,provide jobs and production of medical devices that can generate wealth. 3D printing ,the use in medical sciences are inexhaustible and still evolving in Africa. 3D printing can be used for making new parts and even organs making transplant and orthopedic surgery rather easy,medical devices such as stethoscopes,microscopes,forceps,clamps,e.t.c can be produced easily with the proper technical know-how. This technology transfer is what a company is exploring to improve health and generate wealth. ReFab Dar began as a pilot project to determine if 3D printers could be made of e-waste in developing countries and then if we could build a machine that would use recycled plastic to make 3D printer filament. The recycled 3D printer filament then needs to have users to be able to complete the supply chain. The project examined four possible areas for exploration: medical, jewelry, spare parts, and customized gadgets. While pursuing all four areas through their mentorship programs, they have focused on the creation of medical devices as a first feasible product line that can save times, money, and lives. ReFab has set a course to making 3D printing technology of useful service to Africans. At present, we have 5 Retr3D e-waste 3D printers being made by STICLab under a New Frontier’s experimental grant by Jhpiego. The objective is to test the locally manufactured printers to prototype and make medical tools and equipment that will change the face of medicine in Africa in the next 5–10 years.continue