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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Dairy cows when properly nurtured and managed produce at optimum rate providing enough milk for processing. The output from the cows depends largely on breed, nutrition and management .The milk derived is processed into various products such as flavored milk, yoghurt,fresh milk and cheese. The yoghurt requires the following equipment; 1) heating system 2)bucket 3) thermometer.4) preservative.5) flavor 6) starter culture. Method; The starter culture is prepared in bulk in a milk medium,then milk is pasteurized. The pasteurization is to kill the pathogens that might be present,and this is done by heating to 72C and then the mixture is cooled to 35-48C. Add the starter culture to the mix and cover for 8 hours, after which the mixture is stirred properly. The preservative, sugar and fruit flavor/fruit are added and the products can be filled in containers ready for the market. # startup # yoghurt # fresh milk # nutrition.

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