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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Agribusiness: Cassava processing is a startup that can change your life.

Agribusiness: Cassava processing is a startup that can change your life. Garri and Cassava production – A small business that can change your life! Garri and cassava production in Africa is an impressive business opportunity for the continent, especially West and Central Africa. Cassava is one of the most popular and widely consumed food crops in Africa. Because it is such an important food in the region and an extremely versatile crop, it is commonly referred to as cornerstone of food security in Africa. The competing needs for cassava cut across both human and animal consumption. It is fast becoming a popular raw material in industrial production and is now a preferred material for making biofuels. As Africa’s population and economy continues to grow rapidly, the demand for food staples like cassava has increased. This high demand for various forms of processed cassava is pushing prices to the ceiling. Several small scale cassava farmers are making a fortune and changing their lives through this business. Why is cassava an important food crop for Africa? Cassava is highly adaptable to the African tropical climate and soils, and remains very popular for producing excellent harvests even when other crops fail. It is also the most widely available source of carbohydrates and dietary energy in Africa. Processed forms of cassava, especially garri, fufu and tapioca, are very common throughout West Africa. Garri is hugely popular in the region as it has traditionally remained cheaper than other carbohydrate sources, especially rice and maize. Garri ( tapioca) is the most widely traded processed cassava product. It is estimated that more than 75 percent of the cassava produced in Africa is processed into garri.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Plateau State guns for potato export.

Plateau State guns for potato export.Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong has disclosed that the state will launch into the exportation of Irish potatoes in 2019 as a channel to increase its internal revenue.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Nigeria can make billions from cassava export .

Nigeria can make billions from cassava export. Nigeria could earn billions in foreign currency from its 47 million tonnes of cassava tubers produced annually, according to a university don, Prof. Aloy Ezirim . Ezirim, a lecturer in the Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Port Harcourt .Ezirim said that Nigeria rather than producing cassava for food consumption alone should produce it for both industrial purpose and for consumption. Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava tubers in the world but cassava produced in the country is processed and consumed locally in various forms with little set aside for export.“Today, cassava has over 2,000 uses in the world that can easily replace or support crude oil as a foreign exchange earner and provide employment for many, if well harnessed". Nigeria can make billions from cassava export .

Nigeria’s economic growth lies in exportation of agric products.

Nigeria’s economic growth lies in exportation of agric products.CHAIRMAN of Eti-Oni Development Group, organisers of the annual Cocoa Festival in Nigeria, Chief Dokun Thompson, has said that Nigerian sustainable economic growth assurance lies on the exportation Agricultural Finished products and not raw materials. Nigeria’s economic growth lies in exportation of agric products.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

AGRIBUSINESS: Garri on the go!!!!

AGRIBUSINESS: Garri on the go!!!! Garri, is a staple food in most African countries with various ethnic groups relishing the delicacy and Nigeria been the highest producer of cassava has a lot of potential for the business of cassava and cassava products. #agribusiness Garri otherwise called cassava flakes is one of the products from cassava and its a delicacy enjoyed by all classes of people and all age groups. Garri is widely accepted and cuts across all tribes with each tribe modifying how they process,prepare and consume the garri. The standard of consuming the garri is by taking it with cold water or preparing it with hot water to make EBA another delicacy which can be consumed with any type of soup. AGRIBUSINESS: Garri on the go!!!! Garri on the go!!! this is an initiative of ECHBEE FOODS poised to make garri available when ever ,where ever its needed.In our fast paced world where everyone is looking for Instant stuff,garri on the go fits this profile as you can pack it in your lunch bag,purse,bag and carry to your office. Garri on the go is an agribusiness venture with export potential as cassava flakes are accepted all over with even Africans in diaspora seeking it out from African countries thus increasing its export potential. #agriculture Cassava flakes is highly nutritious its rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates,and protein. Garri can easily be fortified with vitamin A to prevent eye problems especially night blindness. Malnutrition in children can be addressed with feeding vitamin fortified garri, because its a staple food and easily accessible it can bee further fortified with other nutrients and minerals that will promote child development and growth. AGRIBUSINESS: Garri on the go!!!! Garri on the go, is processed from high quality cassava and packaged with groundnut for your delight. Garri,is rich in carbs,energy-giving and can be very handy when you need an energy boost. Garri with groundnut is cheap,very affordable.The standard pack is 100 naira while the bigger version is 200 naira. AGRIBUSINESS: Garri on the go!!!! Garri is food and can also be medicine, garri can be used to treat diarrhoea. When a person has diarrhoea,just give the person soaked garri and thee person is good to go.#agriculture Garri can also be used to treat wounds,when there is a cut and bleeding profusely,just sprinkle some granules on the site to form a mat. The fiber in the garri will act as a substrate,initiating fast blood clotting before you seek medical care.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Snails and calcium supplement.

Snails need calcium for proper growth and development and various calcium sources must be explored to deliver this when needed. Chalk is readily available and relatively cheap compared to other sources. The pictures below shows how to prepare the chalk ; #snails

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Snails can be reared on small or large scale depending on cash at hand.
Snails are easy to rear and command a good price in the international market.

 The export potential is very phenomenal with a capacity to earn dollars.The health benefits are enormous and more and more people are swapping taste and preference and are adding snails to their diet. .



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