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Friday, November 16, 2018

Agribusiness ;How to make garri snacks,cookies and cakes.

GARRI SNACKS: CAKES AND COOKIES MADE FROM GARRI. The garri revolution is mind boggling,check out our chocolate cookies and cake made from garri. Echbee foods is pioneering the use of yellow cassava,particularly the yellow garri to make various nutritious snacks. Today's special are chocolate cookies and cakes,for your next party holla and we will serve delicious snacks. Echbee foods is swapping garri for flour because we want to 1) boost the cassava value chain. 2) create jobs and empower women. 3) provide nutritious snacks that is fortified with vitamin A for children. 4) boost GDP by promoting export of garri-based products and reducing import of wheat .more

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