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Monday, December 25, 2017

How to promote agribusiness with incubation hubs.

: How to promote agribusiness with incubation hubs. Agribusiness is the new gold and many people are moving into the sector but the growth impact is not as evident as it should be because of lack of organisation/structure in the industry.

 The issue of incubation hubs in agribusiness will promote agribusiness,provide more jobs and expand the  agricultural value chain markets to make money . Incubation hubs will give budding entrepreneurs platforms to start and grow the business and expand making more money.

    How to promote agribusiness with incubation hubs.

 Agribusiness today is big business and currently only the very big are calling the shots,but with incubation hubs many more will have opportunities.

How will the incubation hubs work? 1) It is a place where entrepreneurs churn out their ideas.

 2) Ideas are analysed and market possibilities are charted.

 3) Production is set in motion.

 4) Entrepreneur start to think about how to grow and multiply the business. Why is the incubation hub important?

Growth is the main purpose for the hub. The budding entrepreneur has to contend with a lot of factors which basically stifles growth,but if an incubation hub takes away most of these factors,then growth is inevitable.

Lets look at this idea: an entrepreneur wants to start making fruit juices ,he has to contend with power,rent of factory,employee, registration,documentation and so many hidden charges.

 When the budding entrepreneur sits down to calculate all he needs to start,he will have a rethink and postpone his startup and if he strives to startup he can only go mum-and -pop and if the idea is so great,the big guys will take over and hes out of business.

 Entrepreneurs in incubation hubs have a leverage such that much more can be done with his capital. Agribusiness with development of the value chains is a money spinner,but incubation hubs are the keys to drive the vision.

Thinking agribusiness,business development? think incubation hubs. Incubation hubs are more like furnished office spaces that you rent,you just go in do your business and go home.

  Agribusiness hub, a place setup for production,processing,packaging, distribution and even exportation.

The entrepreneur will just come in with idea,produce,package and sell while the hub will take care of necessary documents.#NAFDAC #NEPC #employee #certification. 

The incubation hubs  at advanced levels of production can provide  group certification of products, which will enhance productivity as well as facilitate easy tracing and tracking of projects.

The profit is worked out at a percentage that is fair for all parties and this will regulate the industry as you can easily trace and track products. Incubation hubs  are a jump start or kick starter approach to grow your business.

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