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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Agribusiness: how to start a small medium enterprise (SME) with zobo leaves.

Sorrel leaves popularly called zobo leaves is used to produce a healthy nutritious drink. Hibiscus sabdariffa commonly referred to as ( SOBO LEAVES/sorrel leaves), has various uses and several benefits in man . Its referred to as sobo leaves and has found usefulness in treatment of hypertension, weight control, ant-inflammatory agent, diuretic and as a soothing tea. The leaves are also boiled,flavored and served as a refreshing drink,the leaves can also be used for preparation of jams,jellies and wine. The fiber from the plant have been used to make ropes as a substitute for jute bags. The leaves are known to be a good source of iron,calcium, niacin,vitamin C B vitamins,, carotene as well as manganese. The sobo leaves also contain protein,phosphorus,fat and fiber making it a perfect nutritional meal.
Sobo leaves are beneficial to man for health and wealth. The zobo leaves can be used to produce many products that have huge financial gains and minimal startup capital. The leaves can be used in the following ways to start an SME. 1) Tea production. The leaves are cleaned, dried and packed into tea bags such that the consumer draws the bags in the hot water. The processed leaves can be packed and sold in fanciful packs,where consumers pour the packed leaves into boiling water and then sieve the leaves out of the pot and drink.
Tea bags materials can be sourced here 2) Flavored drinks. The leaves are cleaned,washed and then boiled. The drink is filtered when cool and different flavors are added. The flavors are either natural or sweeteners depending on your market,sugar is the most common sweetener. The drink can be flavored with ginger, watermelon,strawberry or oranges. This can be packed in bottles or nylons for school children.
3) lollipops/Popsicle can also be made using the zobo leaves. The leaves are picked and washed then boiled. The filtered drink is flavored and poured into the Popsicle maker to make a healthy treat for kids. The lollipops can be made without the Popsicle maker by using cups.The drink is poured in the cups,then the stalk/holder is set in the cup and frozen. The lollipops are removed from cup when fully set. #money #agribusiness #entrepreneur #Agribusiness, #zobo #businessdevelopment

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