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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Key elements of successful agribusiness job creation in Africa.

Key elements of successful agribusiness job creation in Africa.The myriad of opportunities in agricultural value chains and the existence of untapped resources, particularly young people, can provide the much needed impetus to drive the next wave of development in Africa. To bring about the development of new agribusinesses, it is imperative to change the mindset of young men and women. They must see agriculture as an attractive profession. Most young people in Africa still think agriculture is an unprofitable and outdated sector that requires much hard work. Agriculture needs their energy and skills to add value to the sector and turn it into a vibrant, successful and fully commercial enterprise. The experiences of the IITA Youth Agripreneurs show that changing the perception of agriculture can inspire young people to become agricultural entrepreneurs. It can lead a graduate of history to become the best maize grower in northern Nigeria and a graduate of communication and media studies to become one of the most lucrative catfish farmers in Ibadan, Nigeria. Given the right opportunities, this change in mindset can help to transform agriculture, driving productivity growth and job creation. Part of this involves providing young people with opportunities to see how agriculture can work for them through educational visits and tours to successful agribusiness enterprises. more