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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Moringa a super-food additive.

Moringa a super-food additive is fast gaining recognition all over the world because of its outstanding properties that translate to our benefits. Moringa affects many of the systems of the body from respiratory ,reproductive,musculoskeletal,digestive and the skin to ensure perfect working conditions and healthy life for the individual. Moringa is a source of protein,vitamin A, C,potassium,calcium and iron. Moringa contains essential amino acids and micro nutrients essential for growth and development. Moringa has seven times the amount of vitamin C in oranges,making it an option in cases of cold and nasal congestion. A cup of tea laced with moringa or better still mug of warm water with a dab of moringa will give fast relief. This high vitamin C content also makes it a soothing tonic in cases of stress,making it a natural energy booster. Moringa has four times the amount of calcium found in cows milk. This is a 2-prong advantage as the pregnant animal has enough calcium and also the young ones,the second aspect is that moringa can be used to fortify milk collected from cows making extra calcium available for consumers. Moringa with 4 times the amount of vitamin A found in carrots makes it a ready source of vitamin A supplement essential for eye health . The high protein content of moringa makes it an important component of end hunger programme which is aimed at feeding children highly nutritious foods to curb malnutrition.Children in rural areas without adequate food can actually be served balanced diets by adding moringa to the food provided by food missions e.t.c. Striking a balance between potassium and sodium in the body is essential for fluid management in the body, moringa helps with electrolyte balance in the body thus regulating osmo-regulatory functions, and ensure kidney health. Moringa is a natural herb that can easily be used as an additive for food,milk and even juices.The inclusion of moringa to food preparation and processing will not only add colour,flavor but nutritional values for health and healthy life style. How about some combos? #milk+ moringa= morimilk#classic. or veggies+moringa =awesome mix 0r fry eggs with a dash of moringa= fabulous mix. Powdered eggs with moringa= superfood!!! how about spicing up your pasta,indomine with moringa= supercool. Lets go #green with #moringa.