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Monday, June 10, 2019

Veterinary medicine: Corneal lipidosis in dogs.

Veterinary medicine: Corneal lipidosis in dogs.Corneal lipidosis consists of cholesterol deposits in your dog's eye. These deposits might or might not interfere with your dog's vision or cause pain. Canine lipidosis might be hereditary in nature,hereditary corneal dystrophy begins in one eye, but eventually affects both of them, there is usually a cloudy area in the middle of the eye. Generally, vision isn't seriously impaired. Veterinary medicine: Corneal lipidosis in dogs. Corneal degeneration often occurs because of irritation, so it usually affects only one eye. Cholesterol and mineral deposits develop as the cornea degenerates. Older canines often suffer from a form of corneal degeneration because of other health issues common in aged dogs, such as kidney disease. Dogs with high cholesterol levels, diabetes or hypothyroidism often develop corneal lipidosis in one or both eyes.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Antibiotic residue in animal by products such as eggs are a global concern especially with the "superbugs effect".The process of rearing animals on a commercial level has come under attack because of the impact on the health of man.The production process from farm to table is laced with use of antibiotics ,growth hormones and anticoccidial drugs,which impact negatively on the consumers. Antibiotic residue in animals has been identified as the key factor for proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria resulting in several deaths especially in children and women.The residues in animal tissues have also been fingered as the reason for increase cases of obesity,diabetes,cancer ,kidney and liver diseases and early attainment of sexual maturity in children. The additives in animal feed with its negative impact on health has been a debate and several countries opting out of the use,with many buying animals reared only on home grown feed,more and more people buying organic products and very many others purchasing from farmers/organizations with better production method. The rearing of animals can be a mind bogging experience if the proper management technique are not employed, and products churned out will definitely be different. Eggs; a major by-product from poultry has come under scrutiny with many scholars advocating the incorporation into diet and some others criticizing this because of " cholesterol" level but the fact is "an egg a day does keep the doctors away." Eggs are of immense benefits, they provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals e.t.c( read more about egg benefits at The eggs produced from chicken raised on antibiotic laden techniques cannot deliver any nutrient to the consumer,rather its a vehicle for antibiotic resistant bacteria to proliferate. An egg is really not an egg on its own,rather an egg is the sum total of what you feed your chicken,hence your practice impacts your products. Chicken raised with Atovi premix have the following benefits; the poultry house has no foul odor,the chicken are big without fat and skin is smooth and crispy, the eggs are bigger with thick shells and no antibiotic residue.The atovi ensures natural detoxification and expulsion of harmful compounds such as synthetic drugs,natural poison and antibiotics on cellular level which ensures that eggs and poultry are free of residues.The digestive system is energized and it ensures proper absorption of nutrient and total utilization which results in odorless waste due to absence of undigested protein in the feces. The birds have greater stamina,they dont succumb to diseases because of there energized cells that enhances their immune system. Farms where Atovi is used have zero cost on medication which is a real advantage especially in outbreak cases of bird flu,the birds wont contract the virus. Eggs are essential for development especially for children so ensure you are buying eggs of chicken raised without antibiotics.

Friday, February 27, 2015


HEALTH BENEFITS OF SNAILS. 1) It has low fat and cholesterol content. 2)It is rich in iron,thus recommended for anaemic patients. 3)Its a good source of protein. 4)The meat is juicy and tender suitable for young and old. AGRIBUSINESS: HEALTH BENEFITS OF SNAILS.



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