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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Moringa uses in veterinary practice.

Moringa oleifera is a small to medium-sized tropical tree native to the Indian subcontinent, its drought tolerant and easily adapts to tropical and subtropical climate, enjoying very wide distribution in Asia, Africa and parts of North America. It has been promoted as the Miracle Tree of Africa,because of the myriad of problems it solves. Moringa is rich in antioxidants,protein, calcium and iron.The incorporation of this herb in food has numerous benefits in man and animals. Our pets have similar disease conditions to man,so much so that they are used as models for clinical studies and trials. The similarities in body systems makes incorporation of proven herbs to their food to get similar results as obtained in man. The advent of fast foods,overly processed foods and food additives has triggered the surge of diabetes,obesity ,cancer and arthritis in man,theses conditions are also encountered in pets many of which has been traced to diet,pet food and processed pet food/treats. The inclusion of moringa in pet food supply many of the important macro nutrients and essential amino acids absent in commercial food,moringa also laden with antioxidants help to mop up free radicals from the body thus reducing the risk of cancer. Moringa has anti inflammatory property,thus adding moringa to pets food will prevent arthritis making it a number one food additive for the old and aging dogs. The calcium in the moringa is also another added advantage for bone health. The calcium component in moringa makes it a suitable additive for pregnant and lactating pets and farm animals,as the problem of postpartum metabolic disorder experienced at this period is prevented. A pregnant animal needs calcium supplements to prevent rapid depleting from bones which normally progresses to recumbency and death if not treated,but the mixing of moringa with feed will prevent onset of disorder and also ensure good quality and quantity of milk. Moringa is an energy booster and also primes the immune system ,a regulated dosing of pets will keep them energetic and alert.The protein content of moringa helps tissue repair and muscle building resulting in rapid wound healing and faster growth rate. Essential amino acids and trace elements present in moringa ensure all body system function properly for health. The use of moringa in your pet food will not only color,but also flavor the food without any side effects.Pet owners craving for a full, smooth and luscious coat definitely will love moringa because of the abundance of Zinc, Vitamins A, and E, as well as the amino acids required for the production of keratin which makes it an excellent hair tonic.