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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Food additives and colon cancer.

Food additives or enhancers are tied to the rise in health problems in man, basically changes in our diet from farm fresh to overly processed foods are not only liked to cancer,but obesity,diabetes ,hypertension and heart diseases. The pathways of many of these conditions have been linked to food,the additives,food processing and preparation. A lot of food consumed are processed or prepared with carcinogenic substances,others are loaded with sugars while so many others have antibiotics in their muscles from the farms. The food vendors and processors contribute to majority of these conditions based on the way they handle ,prepare and package food.A recent interview and visit to food huts showed that majority of the vendors are using unconventional methods to prepare food; some vendors boil the cow skin/legs with SUGAR to soften it so as to shorten cooking time.Another group use the very popular painkiller to boil the beef also to soften it ,while another group use monosodium glutamate (msg) as seasoning which has been shown to have carcinogenic properties. The issue of surge in health problems not only stems from raising animals,but processing and preparation of products and by-products. New research suggests that the emulsifiers added to foods such as ice cream and other processed foods contribute to the development of cancer. The study, which was conducted at Georgia State University in Atlanta, found that two very common food additives may be associated with a higher risk of colon cancer. Rather than using human subjects, the experiment was performed on laboratory mice. The mice were assigned to one of three groups who received varying diets. One group was fed an emulsifier called sodium carboxymethycellulose; the second group was fed an emulsifier called polysorbate 80; and the third group served as a control and was fed neither emulsifier. Both groups of rats consuming the additives had changes in their intestinal bacteria that lead to inflammation and colon cancer, whereas the rats who were not exposed to these additives had no such changes occur. Sodium carboxymethycellulose and polysorbate 80 appears in a number of processed foods, both of these emulsifiers are used to improve the texture of foods as well as to lengthen their shelf life and prevent the separation of oils or fats from the water-based ingredients in the food. Sodium carboxymethycellulose is added to many ice creams, processed cheeses, breakfast cereals, soups, and more. Polysorbate 80 is added to ketchup, mustard, ice creams, whipped toppings, creamy salad dressing, and gelatin. When next you go to the store,do read labels or better still go natural. Buy farm fresh,and cook fresh produce.see