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Monday, December 12, 2016

Medical 3D Printing; Corrective Osteotomy Restores an Oslo Teen’s Mobility.

Medical 3Dprinting has been used for Corrective Osteotomy to restores an Oslo Teen’s Mobility.Dr. Ola Wiig, an experienced pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, was confronted with a very challenging deformity in a young teenager. Dr Wiig’s patient was suffering from severely reduced mobility as a result of an epiphysiolysis in her proximal femur, which caused her leg to be severely rotated outwards. This wasn’t just causing the patient pain, it was stopping her from being a normal teenager. Dr. Wiig’s colleague, Dr. John Slåstad, orthopaedic surgeon at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet has successfully treated several patients with severe bone loss using 3D-printed aMace custom implants from Materialise. Knowing this, Dr. Wiig contacted Materialise to investigate whether it was possible to use this technology to better understand and to secure full correction of this severe deformity in 3D. Together with the surgeon, our clinical engineer worked to come up with a feasible treatment plan to create better leg function for the patient. The plan included a corrective osteotomy in the left femur. To execute it, a 3D-printed anatomical model and outcome model were provided, together with patient-specific guides to make sure the cut was made at exactly the right location and angle.more