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Friday, December 9, 2016

Crickets,food security and climate action.

The need to provide food for the ever increasing population has put severe strain on the land and consequently the environment. The various theories fingering agricultural practices as responsible for various emissions and hence climate changes has paved the way for alternatives to food and farming practices. Insect farming is not new as many scientists have explored the possibilities of inclusion in animal feed and as food in man because of its high protein nature and because it posses no threat to the environment. This company is the latest entrant to the cricket farming scene and they have a question for you 2 billion people eat insects in 162 nations around the world. Why don't you? The United Nations and other organizations are promoting entomophagy (eating insects) as a sustainable alternative to meat. Insects are much more efficient at converting food into protein than traditional livestock. They can be grown in a smaller space, eat less food and drink less water too. So instead of using these precious resources to grow food, we can use them to feed people. And crickets create a fraction of the greenhouse gases released by cattle.continue more also this