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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The water hyacinth and the girl-child education..

The role of women in agriculture and nation building cannot be overemphasized.Majority of food production,from planting to processing, and sales are handled by the women.The women mostly take their girl -child to the farm at a very tender age because of the belief that the boys should be educated instead. In developing countries where they know the value of education but are financially constrained,still opt to fund the education of the boys.The number of boys in school out-way the number of girls,not only because of lack of funds, but also because of certain cultures that restricts girls during their monthly cycle. Girls miss school because of pain, ill heath and their monthly cycle. Girls in poor nation miss school basically because they lack the resources to buy sanitary towels,and they rather stay at home than be seen dripping blood.The use of rags,old clothes and papers are not only unhygienic but also dangerous.These are usually sources of infection because use and disposal expose them to health risk. The lack of running water or other sources of water makes the period so difficult,they will rather sit still in a carved up hole. Water hyacinth is a source of relief for the girls,as it not only provides means of livelihood for the parents,but keep them in school by production of durable super absorbent sanitary towels. Sanitary pads can be made from water hyacinth,these are made from a prototype and the production outfit is set up as a cottage industry.This employs the women in the community and also keeps the girls in school. Paper made from the water hyacinth can be used for exercise books that are easily accessible to the children. The Water Hyacinth Sanitary Pad is biodegradable sanitary pads out , the production of a locally made pad provides girls and women a low cost, biodegradable product that sustains income-generating jobs and provides girls with access to necessary personal hygiene products, with the goal of breaking the stigma around menstruation and keep girls in school. The jani pad is the product name of the pad made from water hyacinth,they are working with village volunteers to help women and girls.

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