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Monday, June 10, 2019

Veterinary medicine: do puppies pant while sleeping?

Veterinary medicine: do puppies pant at while sleeping? The answer is yes. In fact, lots of panting is generally normal for a puppy -- even in his sleep. However too much could indicate a health problem. Because how can you tell the difference between normal and abnormal amounts of panting in a young pup? It's actually not very easy, which is just one reason why your puppy should have regular check-ups with the veterinarian. It's also an important reason why you should pay close attention to his living conditions and general well-being as he grows. Puppies don't just pant to catch their breath, they do it to burn off excess heat. Dogs does not sweat so the moisture in his mouth carries heat away from his bodies which is why he leaves his mouth open and pants. Panting can indicate general health problems as well as heat-related issues, extra care is the norm. If your puppy is too warm at night,especially if he has irregular nasal passages, like pugs and bulldogs do -- he may become overheated and/or struggle to breathe. Heavy panting at all hours also may indicate a respiratory problem such as pneumonia, or heart failure. If you're concerned about your Fido's panting and the temperature doesn't seem like a factor, see your vet immediately. Is It Normal for a Puppy to Pant While Sleeping? | Cuteness

Monday, December 21, 2015


Julie Crumpler Peele faces five additional felony charges of obtaining property under false pretenses. These are in addition to the two charges she already faced last month after two different viewers who say Peele sold them sick puppies.When confronted Peele in October, she denied the puppies she sells are sick."It makes me very angry," Paige McKeithan said.McKeithan told me she met Peele in July, 2014 and bought a dog named Gunner from her."My mom was holding him and we felt that the stomach was really tight, and so my mom asked if the dog was sick, and she said no he just didn't like car rides. So I thought he was just sick from that," McKeithan added.But she said within 24 hours of buying him from Peele, Gunner had to be rushed to the vet. McKeithan said the vet suspected the parvo virus and also that Gunner had parasites and bacteria in his bloodstream. She spent over $2,000 in vet care for Gunner, and said the vet did everything she could to get Gunner healthy, but nothing was working. According to ( had to put Gunner down, and now she has a message for Peele: "Just for her to stop doing this and for something to be done."