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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mobile veterinary services; the Uber vets.

Mobile veterinary services is an investment opportunity that is relatively "untapped" in developing countries,but already shaping the health curve of pets in developed countries. The potential of this service can be tapped into at various points; 1)the service could be dedicated to just routine treatments/checkup ,2)vaccinations 3) grooming parlor 4)surgery 5) wellness 6)diagnostics and 7) type of practice,maybe large animals or small animals. The advantage of this is the access to veterinary services in remote areas and also to those who are too busy to get their pets regularly. The mobile train will move from district to district,zone to zones and coast to coast. The growing population of those with livestock and pets without adequate veterinary care is alarming and unless a system is worked out,the incidence of diseases will increase. When livestock is not monitored or treated we run a risk of not only diseases but also economic losses as the potential of such flock cannot be realized. see This is how a veterinarian is using this mobile service, Dr Fletcher operates the wellness on wheelz. Wellness on Wheelz’s numerous trucks travel all around South Texas, making rounds from San Antonio to Rio Grande City every weekend. The Rio Grande Valley’s local truck visited McAllen on Saturday for the second time this month, treating about 100 pets. Dogs and cats of all breeds and ages panted around their owners in the hot Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market parking lot, waiting their turn. Meanwhile Dr. Kenneth C. Fletcher, the truck’s veterinarian, administered shot after shot. “One of the things we like the public to understand before they get here is that we’re not here to treat any illness or condition,” he said during a brief break. “We’re just for wellness, primary care, vaccination. And we do limited testing, like testing for heartworms. That can save a dog’s life.” Many of the services offered by Wellness on Wheelz are intended to keep a pet on track to a healthy life. De-worming and rabies vaccines are among those medications, while rattlesnake vaccines and microchips are offered as well. Something that Fletcher said is unique to the mobile vet business is “Zeutering,” in which male dogs are sterilized with an injection instead of surgery.“That’s one of the services we offer, too, that you can’t find anywhere, actually,” he said. “You’ve got to come here.” Affordability and access are two big reasons for the creation of the mobile service, Fletcher said.“It’s very convenient and inexpensive because there’s no examination fee,” he said. “It’s much faster and better customer service, actually.”more

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