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Monday, October 12, 2015


The egg contains all the nutrient to produce a chick,hence its a power packed meal that promotes growth and development. Eggs are nutrient packed and plays immense roles in various systems in the body.The protein requirement is 0.8g/kg on the average: with the requirement for man is 56g,and woman 46g. The FAO has cautioned that the dietary intake is below the required levels in developing countries hence more protein especially animal protein should be included in diet. One medium egg contains 70-85 calories of which 6.5g is protein. Eggs are nutrient rich and if incorporated in diet on a regular basis will make up for the deficit in protein in the developing countries; hence the truth an egg a day keeps the doctor away. EGG-VALUES; 1) its an health boost,with high level of nutrients it contains it contributes to the general well being of the individual, 2)vitamin source; vitamin B2 which is important for break down of food to energy. vitamin B12 essential for red blood cell production. vitamin A responsible for great vision; eye sight integrity. vitamin E responsible for fighting off free radicals that cause tissue and cellular damage. Vitamin B2 responsible for proper growth. 3) mineral source..iron for blood cells,and maintenance of circulatory integrity. zinc....ensures proper functioning of immune system. phosphorus.......responsible for healthy bones and teeth. iodine...essential for thyroid hormones. selenium.....its an antioxidant that helps reduce cancer risk. Eggs are also used as a weight management tool; a study by Rochester center for obesity stated that eating eggs for breakfast helps limit your calorie intake all day by 400 calories.The mode of action here is that it gives a satiety signal while releasing the nutrients into body,thus maintaining energy level.The cholesterol in eggs are dietary cholesterol not blood cholesterol,the dietary cholesterol are high density lipo proteins which are essential for proper functioning of the body systems. Eggs also linked to intelligence quotient because of choline content in the egg which is responsible for production of cell membrane and also produce signal molecules in brain thus coordinating activities at that level. Eggs also contains lutem and zeaxanthin that are antioxidants with maintain cellular integrity in the retinal thus preventing eye disorders such as cataracts and macular degeneration.These benefits also apply to dogs, a nutritious meal for your dog must include eggs.

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