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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Feeding snails is easy ,but could be very complex if care is not taken and ants invade the snailery because of wrong feed or wrong feed presentation. Snails eat by rasping the feed by their radulla.The radulla are teeth -like,performing the function of teeth.Snails must be presented with finely grounded or succulent feed. The common snail feeds are fruits and leaves.They can also thrive on agricultural waste such as blood meal.Poultry feed finely grounded can also be provided,and water must be made available. The common feeds include;1) compounded broiler/layer/grower feed. 2) calcium sources for shell development are....oyster shells,chalk(grounded),limestone. 3)protein sources..blood meal,fish meal. 4)grounded maize,groundnut cake. 5) pawpaw,cocoyam,banana peels. 6)cooked potato or yam. 7)leaves of banana,cassava,potato. Water is provided in shallow dishes and must be cool and fresh. The feed must be fresh,finely grounded and have low fibre content.The temperature in the snailery must not be high to ensure snails are comfortable and feed properly.

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