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Monday, May 9, 2016


Virtual reality is the new way of delivering quality service,that is interactive,safe and very rewarding. Virtual reality has been utilized in medicine,entertainment and military training and the results have been phenomenal. Virtual reality is moving to tourism and leisure spots, how will you love to go to the Jurassic park? Welcome to my VR PARK. This concept is an upgrade to the recreation park,where you can walk through the beautifully crafted enclosures,housing various animals.The park is a platform for learning,where all visitors can learn about various animals and even learn how to breed some animals and make money.This park can double as a movie set and photo shoot site,not leaving out fun rides,games and gym arena. In the virtual reality park,you can actually go back in time,how about a ride in the Titanic? yes! with the iceberg et al? this is the new face of entertainment. The roller coaster ride is a must at every park ,but sadly not everyone can stomach the effect.The virtual reality event offers you same thrill and fun without stomach woes, you can actually act alongside in jaws with all the fun and screams. This experience can be leveraged in education, how about teaching an history class in VR? whao,all the students will turn out with super grades. This can be harnessed in training schools,how about having a session with an expert in house thats miles away? or tech exchange? thats across the boarders learning. Thinking of investing and having fun at the same time? then think tourism and recreation park. Now,whether real or virtual ,its all up to you. Welcome back,drop your eye wear on your way out Call back.

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