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Monday, June 10, 2019

Veterinary medicine: Corneal lipidosis in dogs.

Veterinary medicine: Corneal lipidosis in dogs.Corneal lipidosis consists of cholesterol deposits in your dog's eye. These deposits might or might not interfere with your dog's vision or cause pain. Canine lipidosis might be hereditary in nature,hereditary corneal dystrophy begins in one eye, but eventually affects both of them, there is usually a cloudy area in the middle of the eye. Generally, vision isn't seriously impaired. Veterinary medicine: Corneal lipidosis in dogs. Corneal degeneration often occurs because of irritation, so it usually affects only one eye. Cholesterol and mineral deposits develop as the cornea degenerates. Older canines often suffer from a form of corneal degeneration because of other health issues common in aged dogs, such as kidney disease. Dogs with high cholesterol levels, diabetes or hypothyroidism often develop corneal lipidosis in one or both eyes.

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