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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Common Blood Tests Done on Cats.

Common Blood Tests Done on Cats. These are some of the common blood tests done on cats and what they indicate: 1) CBC :A CBC, or complete blood count, measures and examines a cat's blood cells. It gives the veterinarian a wealth of information. Some of this includes: Red blood cell (RBC) counts, proportions, and health. RBCs carry oxygen, iron, and other nutrients around the body. White blood cell (WBC) counts, proportions, and health. WBCs help fight inflammation, infection, cancer cells, and parasitic intruders. Platelet counts and health. Platelets control blood clotting. A CBC can tell a veterinarian if a cat is anemic, dehydrated, fighting some sort of inflammation or infection, and whether there is internal bleeding occurring. BUN and Creatinine Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine are blood chemistries that are routinely measured as part of larger blood panels. If the BUN is high, it can indicate dehydration, kidney dysfunction, or a liver problem. Creatinine levels are more strictly related to kidney function. High levels indicate that the cat's kidneys are having difficulty clearing the creatinine from the body and kidney disease may be present.

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