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Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to compound fish feed .

Fish feed could be natural ,using natural sources such ac insects,maggot,tadpoles,zoo plankton or plankton.Fish could also be fed a compounded ration, this could be home-made or finished feed. A combination of ingredients are used in stipulated amounts to boost growth. A combination of both natural and compounded ration can also be employed to save cost. FEED COMPOUNDING,Using fish meal,soya beans,groundnut cake,premix and binder. The ingredients are added as follows; fish meal...........50% soya beans...............24% groundnut cake............18% premix.................6% cornflour..............2%. The various ingredients are weighed out,grind ed and mixed thoroughly.These ingredients are mixed and held with use of binder(flour),the flour is mixed with water to form a paste,this is then added to the mixture and you continue to mix until a thick paste is formed.The mixture is dried in sun,and kept in air tight containers. The feed could be pelletized/granulated or fed as small lumps that break off when dropped in ponds.This will provide a good start for your fish at 12-28 days. Fish feed could also be made from fish meal,premix and raw egg as binder. The composition of the feed: fish meal ....92% premix ......8% and the raw egg as binder. All ingredients are mixed,the egg is mixed with water to form a paste,this then dried in the sun and kept in air tight containers.They can be presented as granular or fed as small lumps at pond corners. Unconventional feeding method is the use of grind-ed crayfish, which id grounded to fine particles, and mixed with fine chopped cassava flakes(garri).This is mixed with the crayfish to form a paste,this is then put in corners of the pond,to feed the fish.

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