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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Aloby ,the brave girl.

This is a new book,an adventure series about the life,pain and struggles of an African girl-child.The book gives an in-depth analysis of how culture,family-relationships can nurture or destroy a child. The story based on the real-life struggles of an African-girl child ,here take a look. In the beautiful city of Lagos, in the serene environment of the coastal area lived a beautiful, bright -eyed girl called Aloby. Aloby is a vibrant, intelligent, hardworking and homely girl. She is dark skinned, tall, slim with full thick textured black hair and sparkling set of white teeth. Aloby is the curious type, always checking out how things are made and how she can upgrade the tool or device to serve her better. She loves reading; writing and can compose a song or a poem in a second with stuff going on around her. She is very creative and this gift spills on her arts and craft hobbies, she makes beautiful designs of jewellery, clothes, hats and home décor. Aloby grew up in a restricted environment, where girls were relegated to the background, only to be seen and not heard. The only female child in a family of 4 boys with an overbearing dad, her life was not a bed of roses. Aloby’s life was mapped out for her; she had to live according to the dictates of her parents. She had to learn how not to express her opinion, not to make any not to make any demands as she will always get a NO as her answer. Aloby grew up with the understanding that the boys were better placed than her, they had rights and privileges’ she did not have and much as she kicked against it, it was clear that her parents were not about to treat her like her brothers. Aloby was saddled with a lot of responsibilities, she will cook, clean, tidy the house and go to the market. She lived no more like a slave in her father’s house, always the errand girl making sure everything was in order. Aloby spent hours alone, doing chores and running errands that she began to take the shape of the mold her parents had prepared. Aloby’s dad had a caustic tongue and would lash out if she asked a question or queried why she was treated unfairly. Aloby was hardworking and selfless to a fault, she did not realize that she was been prepared for a life of slavery, where she was to serve her brothers, family and relatives never making anything of her life. What a pity? She was robbed of her childhood, replaced with long hours of home making and home affairs. Aloby had her own plans and dreams, she wanted an education and she took whatever crumbs that were tossed to her to fulfill this dream, she kept her hopes and vision alive. She had to strategize to ensure that she did her chores, and still found time to study as her dad was always looking for loopholes, and she made up her mind not to give anybody any reason to lash-out at her. Aloby lived this way through high school until her university days. Aloby gained admission to the university to pursue her dream, and then she realized that the mold they gave her did not fit. She began to see the game plan and then she started asking questions and all hell was let loose. Aloby realized that her quest to be an obedient child, dancing to the whims and caprices of her parents had robbed her of her self confidence, self esteem as she had her dad say continuously she will not amount to anything, she was a nobody and that she was the last person in the family even though she is the 2nd child. Aloby grew up seeking approval for everything, she never got her parents approval and she tried to win them over but all was a waste. Aloby studied hard and got good grades then.......she decided to end it all. #suicide #how #why what was the trigger? find out. The voice of the African-girl child.