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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT. Mange in rabbit is caused by mite infestation.This tiny creatures burrow into skin,ear and feet region resulting in crusty scabs .There are patches of hair loss on coat resulting in bald areas. VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT. The mite infestation results in unthrifty condition in the rabbit because of constant scratching and pulling of affected areas,there is loss of weight and in severe condition fluids oozing out of scratched areas ,this predisposes the rabbit to secondary bacteria infection. VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT. Treatment include use of ivermectin, i find the oral route very effective.When condition is severe with oozing fluid,the areas are cleaned,give ivermectin and antibiotics. I usually spray affected regions with coconut oil,this suffocates the mites,prevents further burrowing and hasten healing process. VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT.The ivermectin is dosed 3 times ; day 0,14 and 28 days the ivermectin kills mites and also deworms the rabbit.Hygiene is important when raising rabbits,the hutch/cages should be cleaned ,the drains and housing environment must be cleaned regularly .

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